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Born in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq, Raibar moved to the United States in 1996 and Graduated from Chantilly High School in 2006. While there, he shot short highlight reels of tournaments as well as documentaries for the Chantilly Chargers Varsity Wrestling, which he too was a part of. His passion for storytelling increased when he attended the Fairfax Academy for Television Production at the start of his senior year.

He moved on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he worked on short films as well as professional productions such as Silence: Dancing through fear. He focused on Directing for film in the Film and Television program at SCAD. He graduated in November 2009 and hopes to acquire more industry experience to later start his own production company alongside his brother. 

For the Past two years Raibar has been out in Los Angeles working in the film industry. He recently went back to Graduate school to push his love for film with a masters in Cinematography. 


This new video site will help Raibar display his work while proving or disproving his thesis paper on content creation and how the audience of today will pay to watch good content. 


Help Support independent flimmakers by watching a few of Raibar's Films and He is always open to suggestions. 


Thank You and without you there is no ME. 



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